Lisa Williams and Margaret Johnson

         Sodality Union Archdiocese of Washington

                                        Mary, Our Mother, intercede with Jesus to help us do whatever He tells us.




100 Years in Love and Devotion to Our Blessed Mother

As we continue to celebrate SODALITY UNION'S 100th Anniversary ...
we place all our trust in God as we pray for Sodality Union's NEXT 100 YEARS!

* * *

We invite all Sodalists to pray daily the Sodality Prayer for the future membership of Sodalities.

“To Jesus through Mary.”
O Mother Mary, may you continue to bless our lives as we journey in faith, hope, and love. 

Be our model and guide as we live in the grace won by your Son Jesus, in His suffering and resurrection.  May your motherly intercession for us bring healing, strength and renewal.    

O Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners.  Help us to bring all people to your Son, especially those in most need of His mercy.  May our Sodality help us grow in your image as disciples

of Jesus.  We pray this in His name.  Amen.

*  *  *

The 100th Anniversary Committee 
thanks all for the lovely best wishes to Sodality Union appearing in the special Commemorative Book all attendees at Anniversary luncheon.

And the very special Sodality pin that Past Presidents were honored to receive at the Anniversary luncheon will be made available starting at the November general meeting.

*  *  *

October 6, 2018

Our Moderator, Rev. Pawel Sass and President Margaret Johnson thank 

the Most Reverend Bishop Roy E. Campbell, Jr., principal celebrant and homilist, 

for his gracious words recognizing Sodality Union's 100 years of faith and service, saying that "through humility and faith" Sodalists have served the Archdiocese's parishes with prayers, good deeds and faith

"Your faith has brought you to where you are," 

following the example of the Blessed Virgin Mary!

Mass was celebrated at Saint John Paul II National Shrine.

Thank you also to our event's keynote speaker Patricia McGuire,

President of Trinity University, DC


the 100th Anniversary Committee Continues to Invite All to ...

Pray daily for the future of our Sodality family. To increase our membership, promise to pray the Sodality prayer daily. Offer Masses in your parish for the special intentions of Sodalities of the Archdiocese through October 2018

Promise to pray for your parish Sodality Moderators, for all priests and for vocations.  (“Immaculate Heart of Mary, we entrust Fr. Sass, and all priests to your maternal heart that they may be instruments of salvation for the world.”)

Pray that the Sodality Union and Sodality parish officers journey in all endeavors with Our Blessed Mother this upcoming term. Hail Mary ….

You are invited to send your prayer intentions with the Sodality Union Pilgrimage to Polish and other Eastern European churches.Your prayer intentions will be placed at the foot of the altar before Our Lady of Czestochowa, birthplace of St. Pope John Paul II, Shrine of Divine Mercy and churches in Budapest, Prague and Vienna.  Email your prayer intentions to Attention: Fr. Pawel Sass.

Thank you and God bless all who signed up at the June luncheon to be a summer prayer partner with a fellow Sodalist.  Prayer is a beautiful way to keep us together during our "summer break."  May the Holy Spirit inspire you to pray--daily, all summer, always--for the Sodalist's or luncheon guest's name you received.  We are hopeful the envelope with your prayer partner's name will assist you in sending a written prayer/note, as inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Continue to support the 100th Anniversary by sending your Best Wishes and requesting the same from fellow parishioners everyone’s support Commemorative Anniversary book.

We thank all who supported us with the Prayer Book Tote Bag event.

* * * * * * *   * * *   * * * * * * *
What does it mean to me to be a Sodalist?
What do I hope that my family, my friends, my parish family see in me as a Sodalist?

"Sodality has made me want to be a better person and to keep Mary at the front of my mind as she is going to be my way to heaven because God know what a sinner I am.  The friendships that develop in Sodality are for a life time ... to Jesus through Mary."  Robin Pilkerton, Sodality Union Recording Secretary (2014-2017)

* * * *   * * * *

From Holy Comforter/St. Cyprian Sodalists:

When I mention that I am a Sodalist "I would like people to see Mary's humility and
gentle strength in addition to my commitment to saying Yes to God's will."

A legacy that I would like to leave for future Sodalists is my "hope [that] they want to praise God, thank Jesus for His dying to save us, and His living example for how we should live and love each other."

Qualities that I admire in fellow Sodalists are "dedication to the Blessed Mother,
devotion to support each other [and] praying the Rosary."

"My mother" was the example that inspired me to become a Sodalist.

Thank you to Holy Comforter/St. Cyprian Sodalists for sharing these lovely words.

Share your special words with your Sodality family!  See form below about ideas to share about Look here soon for words from fellow Sodalists about "What it Means to be a Sodalist."

* * * * * * *   * * *   * * * * * * *

Since it is from the Most Blessed Virgin, Mother of God, principal patroness of Sodality, we are to expect patronage and protection--as she is Mother of Mercy, loving those who love her, guardian and protectress of those who piously and religiously seek her aid--it is of the highest importance that the members of the Sodality should not only greatly venerate and in a very special manner honor her, but also seek, by the blameless conduct of their lives, to imitate the example of her wonderful virtues, and to excite each other to love her(From Rules and Constitution of the Sodalities of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 1952)

The Most Reverend Bishop Campbell was presented with parish Sodalities'

book of good works in celebration of "families" on October 6, 2018

by Fr. Sass, Margaret Johnson (President) and Shelia Parker (Immediate Past President).

** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

Prayer from Pope Francis for the Synod of Bishops  for Families (2015)

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, in you we contemplate the splendour of true love; to you we turn with trust.

Holy Family of Nazareth, grant that our families too may be places of communion and prayer, authentic schools of the Gospel and small domestic Churches.

Holy Family of Nazareth, may families never again experience violence, rejection and division: may all who have been hurt or scandalized find ready comfort and healing.

Holy Family of Nazareth, . . . make us once more mindful of the sacredness and inviolability of the family, and its beauty in God’s plan.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, graciously hear our prayer. 

* * * * * * *   * * *   * * * * * * *

Spiritual Life Mission

The Spiritual Life of Sodality is to live the Way of Life which recognizes the presence of Christ in the sodalist's everyday life.  ... This Way of Life builds Faith which makes all things possible, and Hope which gives courage.  These two virtues, in turn, lead to Charity which reflects the love of God and mankind.  These Theological Virtues exemplify the life of Mary, Our Holy Mother, whom sodalists venerate and seek to emulate.  The spiritual life of sodalists is the primary function of Sodality.  It is the driving force of God's gifts which lead sodalist to goodness and social action.

(Committees:  Spiritual Life, Special Services, Hospitality, Program Director)

Apostolic Life Mission

The Apostolic Life Mission of the Sodality reflects spirituality in the Way of Life of a sodalist.  The mission channels spirituality to service in the family, in the Church, and in the community.  Sodalists respond to the roles of religious life as a spouse, parent, careerist to papal encyclicals which call for social action through service in areas that challenge and demand their involvement as Christians.

(Committees:  Apostolic Life, Ways & Means, Membership, Public Relations)

* * *

Pray the Rosary!

*  *  *